Management of the Olympic town of
Administration of the Ashgabat city

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  Thanks to the boundless efforts of the Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, The National Leader of the Turkmen nation, Chairman of the Halk Maslahaty, in order to develop the physical culture and recreation movement in the country, mass sports and high-performance sports, and prepare Turkmen athletes for major international competitions, the largest and most unique project has been built in the city of Ashgabat – the Olympic Town, which fully meets international standards, is a vivid symbol of state policy aimed at ensuring a happy and the prosperous life of the Turkmen nation.

  Olympic town has become a special decoration of our white city, creating a common harmony with the unique beauty of the capital and with other sports facilities available here.

  In December 2017, the Management of the Olympic Town of Administration of Ashgabat city was established. This is the body under the Administration of Ashgabat city, which includes the Olympic Town, sports facilities and buildings, two hotels for guests and a hotel for athletes from six buildings.

  The legal address of the Olympic town: Ashgabat city, Kopetdag district, Olympic town, house 7. Phone: +993-12-46-18-66. Fax: +99312-46-18-55.

  The main goal of the Olympic Town's activities is the development of physical culture and recreation movement, mass sports and high-achievement sports in the country, as well as the preparation of Turkmen athletes for major international competitions.

  Currently, the Olympic town includes the main sports facilities that have modern opportunities for the numerous Turkmen youth who are fond of sports in the formation of athletes at a professional level and who serve our people in all sports.

  Large and small training halls have been built around the sports facilities of the Olympic Town. The large and small halls adjacent to the main structure are designed for hundreds of spectator seats, each of which consists of three separate blocks, and are specialized for competitions in game sports and martial arts, allowing the expedient use of the main sports facilities. It should be noted that there are many small training halls in the structure of the training halls, in which modern facilities have been created for training in martial arts and game sports, as well as for organizing continental and world-class competitions.