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Turkmen Galkan was the first to reach the finals at the hockey tournament in Ashgabat

The hockey players of the Turkmen Galkan were the first to reach the finals at the international tournament held in Ashgabat, the main trophy of which is contested by 10 teams from Asia and Europe divided into two groups. The wards of Andrei Makarov and Meilis Kuliyev achieved this success ahead of schedule, defeating the Feniks team from Uzbekistan in the match of the 4th round – 9:1 (3:0, 4:0, 2:1).

From the first seconds of the meeting, the eight-time champion Turkmenistan unleashed a barrage of attacks on the opponent's goal, preventing him from leaving his zone. And only the skill of the goalkeeper of the visiting team during the first six minutes did not allow the hosts of the arena to open an account.

The playing advantage of the Turkmen hockey players was so great that even after removing one of their defenders, it was difficult to understand: who is playing in the minority? Having stayed for 2 minutes with four of them against five opposing players, Galkan organized a quick attack on the left edge, followed by a magnificent pass to Perkhat Atekayev, and he, left alone in front of the goal, opened the score with an accurate throw.

As further events showed, Perkhat Atekayev was especially in high spirits that day. As if in training, he was able to make passes to the goal, and throws from different distances, and one-on-one exits with the goalkeeper. And therefore it seemed quite unsurprising that the first five goals that flew into the Uzbek goal fell to the share of Perkhat Atekayev. This is the second pentatric at the current tournament. The first one was made a day earlier by the striker of the Feniks team Artem Varganov, who also hit the gate of the Bahrain Ice Hockey Club from Bahrain five times.

In addition to P.Atekaev, Erkin Kakabaev scored a double in Galkan (28th and 41st minutes) and Baymyrat Baymyradov (39th) and Mukhammetyar Nuryev (54th) scored once. The Uzbek club was able to "soak" the score only in the last minute of the game thanks to the persistence of Daniel Kogan.

Having won the fourth consecutive victory, Galkan scored 12 points and secured the first place in Group A ahead of schedule.

Galkan's opponent in the final will be determined on April 19 on the final day of the competition in group B, in which the ORCHIS-Kazan team from the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation won an important victory in the fight for the first place in it, beating the Belarusian Volat" – 6:3 (3:1, 1:2, 2:0). Adel Avzalov scored a hat-trick for the winners (1st, 31st and 42nd minutes) and Aidar Miftakhov (3rd), Nasser Sobhi (13th) and Artur Zaripov (48th) scored once each. Eduard Gryn scored a double for the losers (19th and 29th), Nikita Trubitsin scored another goal (33).