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Turkmen judges were trained in kabaddi at an international seminar

The third international seminar for referees on the Indian game of kabaddi has ended in Tehran. Representatives from many countries took part in it, including Japan, China, the Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Thailand and others. From Turkmenistan, three masters of the national Martial Arts Federation “Hanmudo”, which includes this increasingly popular sport, participated in the seminar, writes the “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

The growing popularity of kabaddi is evidenced by the inclusion of this Indian game in major sporting events such as the Asian Games. An important event this year was also the inclusion of kabaddi in competitions held by the International Council of Military Sports (CISM).

Turkmenistan entered CISM in 2017, and two years later it represented the national team for the first time at the Military World Summer Games in Wuhan, China. Turkmen military personnel then competed in judo and wrestling. In April this year, the next CISM comprehensive military games will be held in Iran, where kabaddi competitions will be held for the first time with the participation of the national team of Turkmenistan.

At the end of the seminar, all participants received certificates confirming their high qualifications as judges. Among the recipients are the head of the “Hanmudo” Federation Orif Bukharakov, the Secretary General of the Federation Guvanch Gulgeldyev and the representative of the kabaddi school from Mary velayat Nagmat Hojamammedov. The certificates they receive give them the right to judge international kabaddi competitions, including those held by CISM.

In addition to classic kabaddi, there are tournaments in its beach version. In September 2024, the World Beach Kabaddi Championship will be held in Iran, in which the Turkmenistan national team plans to participate.

Currently, the “Hanmudo” Federation is preparing for the Turkmenistan Universal Fight Championship, which will be held on February 27-29 in Ashgabat. Before the tournament, the Turkmen delegation will take part in the reporting and election conference of the Asian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation in Tashkent.